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We are overwhelmed by the feedback from our customers,

We are allowed to publish some of them here:

❤️ Marlene and Hans Günter: We are both absolutely thrilled with the great shoes. Even my shoe with an 8cm heel is really comfortable. The advice over the phone and the fast shipping were excellent.


❤️Mona: the shoes arrived today! 🤗With this pair too, it's a case of "slip them on and feel good". The fit is excellent for me, as I've only experienced with SUR shoes! They fit perfectly over the toes - my problem area. 😊I'm also happy about the super-fast shipping and the friendly advice and will definitely "drop in" again.

❤️Kerstin: I am really very satisfied, the first tango shoes in which I can walk and dance and do so without pain and with great looks and quality.


❤️Petra: Dear Gertrud, dear Thomas! 🤗Thank you so much for the great dress! It feels great when dancing

❤️Carina: Dear Weiss family, the dancing shoes have arrived and we've already broken them in: great!

❤️Daniela: the dress is here and it's beautiful ;-) It's lucky that you had an article in Tangodanza and that's how I (finally!) became aware of you....


❤️Chris: "Fast shipping, perfect shoes, beautiful and comfortable!"


❤️Susanne "Soooooooo beautiful!!!! Wonderful shoes!!!! Almost as comfortable as walking barefoot in the sand"

❤️Andrea: "I love this shoe!!!! Absolutely recommend buying it!!! It feels on my feet as if I were barefoot... simply fantastic!!!

❤️Erika: "Thank you for the prompt delivery 📦 the shoes are wooooooooo beautiful and so is the overall! I'm very happy"

❤️Christa: "I'm very happy with the dress because it's 100% what I wanted. Simply great. And the shoes too, thank you very much for the great advice and your commitment to getting me a pair of suitable shoes"


❤️Alexandra: "I found my dream sequin dress with you: beautiful, sexy, comfortable, everything fits & just puts me in a radiantly good mood 😍 You have the perfect dress for every dancer! Thank you very much for the great offer and your warm advice!"

... and we are there for you even AFTER your purchase!

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Danke für das Feedback!

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