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Die Marke "SUR"


Sur shoes are a product entirely made in Italy, near Florence. The materials come from the Tuscan leather district and are processed by hand.

The company that has been producing them for years is Fratelli Masotti, a company best known in the fashion industry for several famous brands such as Jimi Choo.

SUR is its sequel.

Sur tango shoes are undoubtedly characterized by the innovation and creativity of the original models

(each model is designed for a woman, is reminiscent of a type of woman and bears her name),

all of which are registered with the Chamber of Commerce and protected by intellectual property, through the exclusive

Anti-shock padding made of shock-resistant sports material (Sur was the first tango shoe to introduce the footbed padding) and high-quality workmanship.

Sur was born from the combination of a passion for tango and a thorough knowledge of shoe production.

Beatrice Raveggi, founder of SUR: "I started dancing tango in 1995, when there was nothing in Florence, in a dance school in the city centre. Alessandra Tedeschi and her partner taught there, and they in turn took lessons from Annalisa and Tobias Bert from Bologna.

In those years there were hardly any milongas or even special tango shoes, but since my mother owned a shoe company that my grandfather had founded in the immediate post-war period, I made my own shoes.

Within five years, tango exploded in Florence.

I continued to make my own tango shoes according to my taste; I made them for myself and for friends who asked for them, since there were no real tango shoes in Italy, apart from a few Argentinian shoes that were worn sporadically more or less secretly. Sur was then officially born in 2000,

with a collection of models that was already very structured and the typical comfortable structure,

which then "inspired" many other brands.

To create this small artisan business, I participated in a call for proposals from the Tuscany Region, which rewarded the idea and promoted its creation. Sur is undoubtedly inspired by the SOUTH of the world, its warm and enveloping atmosphere, the famous Letra, nostalgia and a historic club where tango is danced, but it also recalls the cultural magazine SUR, founded in Argentina by a great woman, Victoria Ocampo, and about which writers of the caliber of Jorge Luis Borges have written, Adolfo Bioy Casares, José Blanco, Waldo Frank, Walter Gropius, Alfonso Reyes Ochoa, José Ortega y Gasset, Pedro Henríquez Ureña, Octavio Paz, Jules Supervielle, Ramón Gómez de la Serna, Eduardo Mallea, Ernesto Sabato, Federico García Lorca, Gabriel García Márquez, Gabriela Mistral, Pablo Neruda and many others.

A name that is as meaningful and sophisticated as the shoes that bear it.

These shoes want to evoke a lost world, a lost atmosphere and at the same time in the aesthetic research and in the representation of an elegant,

but also courageous, intelligent and independent femininity with the times."

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